Co-working Stockholm - Welcome to The Castle "Slottet" Slottsbacken 8!
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About us

We are the collaborative co-working space The Castle “Slottet” Slottsbacken 8 located in Gamla Stan in Stockholm.

We strive to make use of participatory methods and development ideas to create the next stage of workspace with focus on a culture and community of extraordinary quality for a diverse ecosystem of people and organizations.


Floors of work space


Gym with sauna


Perspectives on reality


Sqm art studio


Yoga room


Cups of coffee

What members say

A place like no other. The Castle is whatever you want it to be - a workspace, a social space, a party space, a bit of everything. Above all, it's a fantastic community of like-minded but diverse individuals who'll welcome you with open arms.
Matthias Fiechter
Matthias Fiechter
14:48 22 Jun 17
As soon as you enter the place for the first time you can feel the friendliest of atmospheres! A very nice place to sit, work and meet new interesting people. ✌️
Pedro Mancheno
Pedro Mancheno
21:04 02 May 17
Never before have I encountered a place with so many warm hearted & welcoming people in one spot. The Castle has not just become my favourite and only co-working space, but also my second home. I recommend this place for anyone who wants to meet genuine people while getting inspired! + the interior is beautiful, the rooms are stunning, the ceiling is high and the windows facing the Royal Castle are huge. - Amalia Wahlström, Oh Yeah T-shirts
Amalia Wahlstrom
Amalia Wahlstrom
06:22 07 Jun 16
The Castle is a beautifully furnished building with lovely people. It's a great place to get work done. I moved to Stockholm from San Francisco and needed a place to co-work. Someone told me about The Castle and I came for a tour. The people there were extremely welcoming and friendly, and so I decided to join. I very much enjoy spending time there.
Dan Sandberg
Dan Sandberg
18:15 03 Jun 16
This in a truly amazing work space. Have been to several before, but this one really stands out with its genuine welcoming atmosphere, interesting and curious people not to mention prime location. Highly recommend!
Anna Norelius
Anna Norelius
14:28 22 Jun 17
Best office and work space I ever been at. What really makes it is all the nice people you meet here. Truly a co-created community. Love this place.
Joel Blom
Joel Blom
13:35 22 Jun 17
I was totally new to the city of Stockholm and didn´t know so many people here when I moved here 1,5 years ago. Thanks to the Castle I got to know a lot of nice people that really helped me to settle in to Stockholm. Above all the creativity and helpfulness are flowing nowhere else. A great place starts with fantastic people!!!- Joakim, Kaffekuvertet
Joakim Leander
Joakim Leander
13:24 22 Jun 17
Had a full day course here and I liked the mix between old and new. The building is majestically and the view is Royal to say the least 😉
Johan Karlsteen
Johan Karlsteen
20:06 07 Oct 17

More than a work space

We believe that the next stage of co-working space must be more that just a prestigious concepts filled with high performers.
In a space that brings out the best in people we need to laugh, feel belonging, focus. We also need movement, a hug, friendship, participation, networking and inspiration. Most noteworthy we need differences and we need to encourage those differences.
A great culture builds on the feeling that both extremes are welcome. Your introvert side and your extrovert side, your happy and sad self, you in a suit and you in glitter.
Therefore, this is what we are striving for. A co-working space that disrupts our view of what work life is.

Get to know us:

Meet our co-working members