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Host your conference and event in a castle in Stockholm

Impress your event guests

Whichever type of event you will host, it will be framed by the next generation of space. A space that strives to make use of participatory methods and development theory to create a culture of extraordinary quality for its diverse ecosystem.

Do you wish for your event to challenge the norm?

The way we mix a formal office space with artistic installations, a dedicated participatory culture and a firm belief in our ideology usually invites guests to step out of their box.

We believe that true experiences need many edges of reality. You need play to be truly professional and you need solid structures to let creativity loose.


  • Make your meetings interesting, inspiring and productive. We have a range of meeting rooms suitable for 4 to 80 people, spanning from elegant to quirky.

Presentation equipment (Projector, whiteboard, 40`` Display)

Reliable wifi & cable

Organic coffee and tea

In the very center of the city with great communications

Astrid - 4 people
Fågelholken - 6 people
The Red Room - 6 people
Ice Cube - 8 people
Isfahan - 12 people
Yogarummet - 25 people

  • Invite your guests to our beautiful gold ornate palace halls with 1780’s Gustavian interior. Here you will give lasting impressions, regardless of whether you arrange product launches, exhibitions, release parties, PR-events or want to entertain clients. You can host 5 to 150 guests in an unbeatable event location overlooking the Royal Palace and Skeppsbrokajen in Stockholm’s Old Town.


  • Invite your colleagues, partners or clients to a 17th century palace and host seminars, presentations, debates and other get-togethers for up to 150 guests. If you want content, The Castle community has access to speakers, facilitators, inspiration or more unconventional, quirky and creative additions. Let us know your needs

Presentation equipment (Projector, whiteboard, 40`` Display)

Reliable wifi & cable

Organic coffee and tea

In the very center of the city with great communications


The Mirror Room

”The Mirror Room” is decorated with marble mantelpieces and large, gold frame mirrors from the 18th century. The centre piece is a massive wooden conference table. With this setup it is perfect for board meetings, negotiations, dinners and similar gatherings. Setting aside the table, this corner room with a separate entrance also serves well as a conference room or event space.

SIZE: 48 m2 (8 x 6 m)
GUESTS: Standing: 40 • Seated for presentation: 35 • At big table: 14 • At small tables: 28
EQUIPMENT: Mood lighting.
EXTRAS: Sound system, projector with screen, white board.

Flemingska salen

”Flemingska salen”, the great hall of Flemingska palatset, is still dressed in the original decor from the 18th century with hand painted wallpaper and gold panelling. The large windows let in plenty of natural light during the day and frame a beautiful view in the evening. It serves as an excellent backdrop for product launches, fashion show cat walks or other performances and presentations. This is also our most suitable room for historical period drama productions.

SIZE: 55 m2 (10 x 5,5 m)

GUESTS: Standing: 60 • Seated for presentation: 50 • At tables: 40

EXTRAS: Sound system, projector with screen, white board, mood lighting.

The Cafe

The café is the warm, social camp fire of The Castle co-working community during office hours. On a normal day, this is where the members socialize and network over meals, coffees and drinks. This is our largest room and it offers an unpretentious mix between creativity and comfort and comes equipped with an custom built speaker system, mood lighting and plenty of kitchenware for serving food and drinks.

SIZE: 65 m2 (13 x 5 m)
GUESTS: Standing: 80 • Seated for presentation: 80 • At table: 56

EQUIPMENT: Sound system built to equalize the volume in the room, mirror ball, mood lighting, kitchenware.

EXTRAS: Projector with screen, white board.

The Yoga Room

This is an open, clean space that can be used for many purposes. As the name suggests, it is ideal for physical activities in smaller groups, but is equally useful as a conference room by adding chairs and tables. It is also suitable as a photo studio, screening room or lecture room.

SIZE: 48 m2 (8 x 6 m)
GUESTS: Standing: 25 • Seated for presentation: 25 • At tables: 20

EQUIPMENT: A1 White board/flip chart, ceiling mounted projector and screen.

EXTRAS: Sound system, bigger white board.