Member initiative: Everyday lunch meditation - The Castle Coworking
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Member initiative: Everyday lunch meditation

Here is a lovely example of well functioning participatory culture: A member who started 15 min meditation at lunch every day.

The short and simple beauty of it is: Rodrigo wanted to meditate everyday, so he started meditating everyday and invited others to come. Today there are between 5 and 12 people who join the sessions. When it’s warm we go outside. No one is in charge of meditation, there are no rules and it can be different from time to time. It’s rather something that many people have come to enjoy and therefore do together. By letting the structure loose and maintaining an easy to understand frame it becomes a natural part of the culture.

A common misconception when you are not used to participatory systems is that you are expected to come up with a gift to the community or that you should be helping out with any ongoing projects. That’s not necessarily wrong, if you feel drawn to doing so.

What I would say is the foundational principle of participation is: Do what you love to do and then, if you feel like it, invite the community to join you. If nobody joins, that’s fine since you wanted to do it anyway. If a lot of people join, great!

The ambition has to come from you.

First then, you can start to realise the full potential of participation and the meaning it gives you when you are a part of creating the system of which you are a part.

Four people meditating outside the castle

Jesper Lindmarker