Co-working Stockholm - Membership & Prices at The Castle
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Flexible membership

With a flexible membership you have access to 5 floors with different atmosphere and decor. Small and large rooms with different stimuli. In this way, we hope that your work environment needs will be covered even if they change from day to day.

For example, you can work at a standing table on the quiet top floor in the morning, have a lunch meeting in the cafe and then spend the afternoon in our golden halls from the 17th century.

  • 90 flexible places to choose from + sofas and rooms.
  • Access whenever you want.
  • A calendar month notice period.
  • Access to all Castle community activities

Full time: 3700 SEK/month (ex. VAT)

2 days/week: 2500 SEK/month (ex. VAT)

Fixed desk/Room

Welcome to your personal dedicated desk in the Castle! This membership is for you who want to decorate your own space which you return to every day, or if you have the need of an external monitor in your work.

You will get to choose from one of our 90 fixed desks located on 5 floors. Choose the work environment that suits you best, whether it’s in the lively art studio or in one the calm rooms or next to your friends.

You can also choose one of our 10 rooms suitable for 4-16 desks. Rooms are priced per membership and get a discount after 4 memberships.


  • Access at any time you choose.
  • Some storage included.
  • Three calendar months notice.
  • Access to all Castle community activities.

Price: 5500 SEK/month (ex. VAT)


Low income membership

The low income program give some people, who otherwise couldn’t afford it, the opportunity to join The Castle community.

You apply as an individual and if you, as a person, earn less than a total (salary, gifts, dividends, stipends etc) of SEK 144 000 per year (after taxes) you’re eligible to apply for the low income membership. There are 2 different options, both valid for a max. term of 6 months.

2 days Low income: Price 1800 + VAT per month, otherwise is equal to a 2-days a week membership. Valid for max. 6 months.

Fulltime Low income: Price 2800 + VAT per month, otherwise is equal to a fulltime flex membership. Valid for max. 6 months.

Apply here

Your application will be considered and the Castle Team will try to reply within two weeks of your application.

Full time: 2800 SEK/month (ex. VAT)

2 days/week: 1800 SEK/month (ex. VAT)

Price list

  • Fixed desk

    5500 kr/month
  • Flexible desk full time

    3700 kr/month
  • Flexible desk 2 days/week

    2500 kr/month
  • Low income full time

    2800 kr/month
  • Low income 2 days/week

    1800 kr/month
  • Room

    Priced per member in the room. Minimum 4 members.

    from 22.000 kr/month

Additional services

  • Free conference rooms

    In "Fågelholken" and "Astrid"

    2h/room & week included
  • Conference rooms

    200 kr/h
  • B&W USB printer

    Consider the environment, don't print a book

  • Super printer

    200 kr setup fee

    1kr/p. (color) 0,3kr/p. (B/W)
  • Adjustable desk

    300 kr/month
  • Locker

    250 kr/month