Bordr - we explore borders
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Bordr – we explore borders

Art, Journalism, Storytelling
About This Project

Member: Marcus Haraldsson

Organisation: Bordr

Website: Bordr.org

Other links: www.europegrandcentral.net

Contact: Marcus@haraldssonfoto.se

Categories: Storytelling, interactivity, empathy, breaking social bubbles, borders, art, social psychology, journalism

In the Castle since: 1 April 2015



I’m a good inclusive leader, facilitator, and journalist. I find my own angle and if I believe in it I will keep going.



Why and When should I contact you?
Whenever! For open minded local/global personal/professional collaboration projects. Or just for a beer.

Why do you do what you do?
Because I love the magic

Who is your target group?
The least expected, xenophobes (all kinds of phobes..), bigots, the disempowered, the powerful, and those who don’t know that they care.

What/who is your inspiration?
Repeated mistakes

How do you celebrate?
Hugs and bubbly drinks

Dream project:
Connected local projects all across the world

What made you happy rencently?
An understanding

What’s your fuel?

What are your areas of expertise?
International political journalism, Chinese water politics, Tibetan history, group dynamics

Favorite animal:

Your own questions and answers
Why not?
– answer depends…

Best feeling:

Worst feeling:
That I don’t manage to care

How much coffee do you consume?
Enormous amounts!

What’s under your bed?
A big box with maps

Say something smart:
It’s complicated

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A breakfast hero

What makes you creative?