Communications & Gender
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Communications & Gender

Communication, Gender, Leadership
About This Project

Title: Communications & Gender

Member: Viktoria Saxby

Organisation: Hope Comms AB

Website: www.hopecomms.com

Other links: https://www.facebook.com/HopeCommsV

Contact: viktoria.saxby@hopecomms.com, or +46 766 104 500

Categories: Communications, Gender Equality, Masculinites, Exhibits, Campaigns, Diversity, Leadership, Training, Lectures

In the Castle since: Jan 23, 2017


Communication Expert with a field of expertise in gender equality, masculinites, and international development.
www.hopecomms.com offer services in:
– Lectures & training on Gender equality & Masculinities
– Gender mainstreaming & Diversity consultancy
– Communications & CSR
– Creating Campaigns & Exhibits


Why and When should I contact you?
For example:
– if you want more diversity in leadership positions in your company, but don´t know how to get there? We will show you how.

– If you want to gender mainstream your organization, but don´t know how, or where to begin? We can help.

– If you don´t know exactly what the term “masculinities” means, or how this knowledge can be used as crime and violence prevention, or promote Peace & Security. We´d love to hold a workshop for you.

– If you want to create a national/global campaign to raise awareness/change norms, but aren´t sure how to reach or communicate with the target audience? We´d love to show you how.

– Also, I write a lot and have years of experience as a Political Advisor. Good at writing debate articles, press releases etc. (Written over 400 published debate articles)

Why do you do what you do?
Cause I like to believe that the changes I work towards will eventually lessen fear and make life better for more people.

Who is your target group?
Quite broad actually. I often work with leadership teams. Maybe they want more diversity in high positions, maybe they want to gender mainstream their organization, maybe hold trainings for their staff. But I also make global campaigns that reach a wide and broad audience and groups.

What/who is your inspiration?
A lot of people. 1. Human rights activists, because, well, that´s an obvious one. 2. Creative people, cause they make something out of nothing 3. Kind people, cause they make life good 4. People who make you laugh 🙂

How do you celebrate?
Champagne with friends is always good! But sometimes after a lot of work, so is a nap, haha.

Dream project:
Building digital platforms to create training materials for broader audiences on various human rights themes.

What made you happy rencently?
Friendly people at The Castle make me happy. Someone recently saying something as simple as “I am so happy that you are here” made me happy (how could it not?). Oftentimes, simple things in life can make you really happy.

What’s your fuel?
On an abstract level, wanting to create more hope in the world (less fear, more love). On a concrete level – I guess coffee helps me a lot along the way ;-).

What are your areas of expertise?
Gender equality, “masculinites”, and international development.
(In Politics I was an advisor in gender equality and foreign affairs)

Favorite animal:
Cindy The Cat (coincidentally happens to my cat).

Best feeling:

Worst feeling:

How much coffee do you consume?
Waaaay too much

Say something smart:
It always seems impossible – until it´s done. (Mandela)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Happy, peaceful and content. Feeling like I´m doing something useful with my life. Also, naturally, run an empire and be silly wealthy – lends for doing a lot of good stuff. (Plus, I love spas.) I also want to be surrounded by amazing, creative people who like to create amazing, beautiful and good things. While have fun doing so.

What makes you creative?
I guess I just want to create things I wish existed.