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Innovation, Products
About This Project

Member: James

Organisation: fixmytear

Website: www.fixmytear.com

Other links: www.bubblingwithenergy.com.au

Contact: james@bubblingwithenergy.com.au

Categories: shopify, marketing, mailchimp, amazon, ebay

In the Castle since: 08.21.16


I’m a multi-skilled freelancer. I specialise in marketing and product management.


Why and When should I contact you?
If you have a business/business idea and need a partner or employee to help you with it, let’s meet and talk about where I can fit in.

Why do you do what you do?
To help out Dad. The rest is to avoid trading 9-5 for someone else’s benefit.

What/who is your inspiration?
Making things right and getting things done quickly and perfectly. Outsourcing wherever possible. Automating and streamlining the sales funnel. Bringing big ideas to life.

How do you celebrate?
Festivals and nightclubs with a group of friends

Dream project:
Working on an app or website that will change the world, like the next Airbnb or Uber equivalent.

What made you happy rencently?
Moving to an apartment in Södermalm.

What are your areas of expertise?
Online marketing, social media management, Shopify, Mailchimp, employing virtual assistants. And everything to do with inflatables. I have been designing and building inflatables (made in China) and running a hire company with my Dad for 4 years now.

How much coffee do you consume?
1 cup per day

What’s your fuel?
Making money!