HRV-träning, Coaching & Välgörenhetsarbete
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HRV-träning, Coaching & Välgörenhetsarbete

Coaching, Health, Non-profit
About This Project

Member: Linus Lundkvist

Organisation: Medveten kraft, AnahataMa, Laman & Shamanen, Elevators

Website: www.medvetenkraft.se, www.anahatama.com, www.elevators.com

Contact: linus.lundkvist@medvetenkraft.se, 0735421790

Categories: Coaching, HRV-träning, nervsystemoptimering, Biofeedback mätning. Prestations- och återhämtningspsykologi.

In the Castle since: 2017-05-04




I train people to balance their nervous system, body, heart and head. Using the HRV-method and coaching techniques. HRV (Heart rate variability) is the practice of balancing your whole inner world by measuring and changing your hearth rhythms. With focus, breathing, intention, the right understanding and inner tools you can greatly affect your heart rhythm, autonomic nervous system and brain function. From these levels is where you can deeply shift in to your best state, reflected in your thinking, feelings, performance and results. Meanwhile also growing in emotional, intuitive and creative ability since you allow yourself to access a full system. Like a PT for your inner world, I teach you to stretch and fine tune the system to handle stress, perform and create the results you dream of.

I also co-run a charity; AnahataMA. We create water wells, rainwater harvestingsystems and support an orphanage! Donations comes through activities/events and workshops with the focus on co-creation and healing. Join our boat: www.anahatama.com

Also run a super-coaching business; www.elevators.com with my partner.
We coach up to 15000 people in a few hours during marathons, triathlons and other similar events, where a highfive, some boosting words or a hug can mean huge different. It’s out of the world fun.




Why and When should I contact you?
If you need coaching & or want to learn how to create the states/results you desire.
If you feel weighted down by pressure
If you feel stressed
If you want to understand how your physiology creates your psychology and vice versa.
If you need someone to coach you in to being in exactly that state you need to be in for creating your dreams and feel those feelings of true inspiration.
If you want to upgrade your and nervous system
If you want to hang out and share your world.
If you have some cool idea that could be of service to others.
If you wanna create a water well or have an idea to fundraise for the need of others.

Why do you do what you do?
I follow my heart

Who is your target group?
Those who want to learn to navigate their inner psychofysiological world, achieve dreams and live a long healthy life.

What/who is your inspiration?
I have a sincere passion for development, wellbeing, co-creation and exploration of how we can fully accept and love ourselves and the other in great compassion. But also how we can achieve the states needed for such an experience and how to move from this place of union with yourself to fulfilling our dreams.
And really, I am a scientist of the heart who loves dancing, singing, playing and having fun with other dreamers!

How do you celebrate?
lifting my arms to the sky scream: YEAAAAH!
dancing, singing, laughing, playing.


What’s your fuel?
Love, inspiration, passion, compassion, community, dreaming

What are your areas of expertise?
Human rights bachelor
Certified HRV-trainer, Coach
Event organizer
Meditator, Existentialist

Favorite animal:

Your own questions and answers
What is your best state?
Can you create it now?
How does it feel?
What happens in your body?
Can you see yourself anywhere in this state?
Best feeling:
Overwhelming love

How much coffee do you consume?
1-2 a week
Rather Yerba Maté

What’s under your bed?
A lot of sound!
My beed can fly on binaural beats !

Say something smart:
What is the sound of silence?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Bollywood Moviestar

What makes you creative?
Gut-Hearth-Head coherence
Smooth and rhythmic heartwaves