Oh Yeah T-shirts
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Oh Yeah T-shirts

Art, Products
About This Project


Member: Amalia Wahlström


I’ll be honest with you. I’m not that type of person who you’ll find in a typical office space with grey walls and formal dresscode. I like to have fun. To me, fun is when I do something that I love and truly believe in.

I’ve always been obsessed with everything visual, such as colours, letters, art and balance. Growing up, I was one of those rare kids who liked to sit at home and draw, sucked at football and wore pants that were too short because I was too tall. As a teenager, I was scared of being different. The years I spent trying to fit in were the worst years of my life. But as I grew older, I finally began to realise that I would never fit in, and started to embrace it instead.

When I dared to start making choices based on what I really wanted, and not what I thought everyone else did, I became my true self. Today, I am celebrating uniqueness by never being afraid to choose my own path. Through Oh Yeah t-shirts, I hope to inspire others to never be afraid of showing who they truly are. Just like my t-shirts are all unique, so are we, in our very own ways.