Robb Whiteman
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Robb Whiteman

Animation & Motion Graphics, Design
About This Project

Title: Graphic Design | Motion Graphics

Member: Robb Whiteman

Organisation: Freelancer

Website: robbwhiteman.com

Other links: vimeo.com/robbwhiteman

Contact: robbwhiteman@gmail.com

Categories: Graphic Design / Motion Graphics / Animation / Information design

In the Castle since: November 2015



I am a self employed graphic and motion graphics designer working for and with clients in the UK, Germany and hopefully soon, Sweden. I work remotely for most of my clients offering a full service from concept to creation or sometimes I have a roll as part of a team. Have a look at my site for more information or feel free to get in touch.



Why and When should I contact you?

Why do you do what you do?
It can be my passion at times, it let’s me travel and it pays the bills.

How do you celebrate?
Drink lots!

Dream project:
Always changing!