SEO web optimizer Hasan Fransson
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SEO web optimizer Hasan Fransson

Hasan Fransson slottet
Business Development, Sales, Web
About This Project


Title: SEO web optimizer Hasan Fransson

Member: Hasan Fransson and Sofia Fransson

Organisation: Raqs webbyrå

Website: raqs.nu

Other links: SEO Stockholm

Contact: +46 73 753 01 24 Hasan@raqs.nu

Categories: Search enginge optimizer and webb developer

In the Castle since: Spring 2018


SEO consultant that optimizes your webbsite so that you get more people finding your company.
Builds websites in Squarespace. Fast beautiful and SEO-friendly.


Why and When should I contact you?
If you want high positions on Google, find me out.

Why do you do what you do?
Marketing and sales is my pure joy.

Who is your target group?
Small companies and friendly doing organizations.

What/who is your inspiration?
Dance, family and boardgames.

How do you celebrate?
With cheese, wine and some grapes.

What made you happy rencently?
Been away 3 months in asia with the family. Coming home to Sweden was awesome. Love it here!

What’s your fuel?
Smiling people.

What are your areas of expertise?
SEO, Google ads, copywriting and building webpages about DJ:s and Målare.

Favorite animal:
Tiger, got myself one.

Best feeling:
Helping other people. Personal and in business.

Worst feeling:
Feeling cold.

How much coffee do you consume?
2 cups a day. But if you are nice I´ll drink another one with you.

Say something smart:
People dont remember what you say, people remember how you made them feel.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Dagdrivare. ANd i want to learn to play the guitarr.

What makes Hasan Fransson creative?

Early mornings and long breakfasts. And when I get to create landing pages like Kontorshotell Stockholm or Kontorsplats Stockholm.