The Cookbook Adventure
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The Cookbook Adventure

About This Project

Title: The Cookbook Adventure

Member: Jesper Lindmarker, Jesper Lejfjord, Gustav Nisser

Organisation: None

Website: www.cookbookadventure.com

Other links: undefined

Contact: gustav.nisser@gmail.com

Categories: Book, Food, Travel

In the Castle since: Since the beginning of spacetime



In the early days of July 2012, three strapping young lads from Sweden set off on a quest to create the world’s best cookbook.

This adventure took them from Stockholm, Sweden to Ulan Bataar, Mongolia via the Caspian Sea and led to incredible meetings with other cultures, mishaps, tall tales, sights & sounds to set the mind aflame – but most important of all they gathered recipes from every visited home in every country on the way and put them together with the help of professional chefs to bring you a true culinary mouthsplosion of awesome.

The long drive is a part of the Mongol Rally, a fantastic charity drive to make the world a little less boring while at the same time making it a better place.


About us

Why and When should I contact you?
If you want to buy a book, if you want to know what it’s like in Turkmenistan, if you need inspiration for adventure

Why do you do what you do?
To live life to it’s fullest!

What are your areas of expertise?
Central Asia

Favorite animal:
Camels in the Karakum Desert

Best feeling:
Reaching our goal in Ulan Bataar

Worst feeling:
When the oil sump broke