The Daily Hammock
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The Daily Hammock

App development, Journalism
About This Project

Member: Anders Schmachtenberg

Organisation: The Daily Hammock

Website: sometime later

Contact: anders.schmachtenberg@gmail.com

Categories: one tiny feed a day, with journalism hand-picked for you

In the Castle since: Fall 2015



we believe in the power of beauty of slower journalism. so we will hand-pick it for you. we do this to help you to regain your attention span and to be more curious. and hopefully even make a salary off of it one glorious day.



Why and When should I contact you?
if you know a great designer or programmer that is absurdly dedicated to slower journalism then please put us in touch. even if they’re mildly dedicated

Why do you do what you do?
our minds are beautiful things, particularly when filled with slower, calmer thinking. so I wanna help that in all the ways possible, be it through journalism, conversations, coaching or experiences.

Who is your target group?
curious people who want to regain their attention span

What/who is your inspiration?
many sources of inspiration, but brother Rolf is high on the list

How do you celebrate?
by running back on defence very quickly. maybe a small high five with the people i run past. i know it sounds sad, but i’m just trying to enjoy the process in and of itself as much as possible…

Dream project:
planning my own holidays

What made you happy rencently?
photo booth at a wedding. i cried with laughter.

What’s your fuel?

What are your areas of expertise?
powerpoint. i’ve made a lot of slides in my life. my excel skills are also very good.

Favorite animal:

Best feeling:
crying with laughter

Worst feeling:
shooting an airball from a free throw (basketball)

How much coffee do you consume?
too much. 3 cups a day maybe

What’s under your bed?
board games and towels

Say something smart:
not now

What do you want to be when you grow up?
it’s a cliche, but i’m really trying to delay growing up

What makes you creative?
a cozy room that’s fairly quiet